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Today(20/03/2018) The Deliveries And Pickup In Mumbai Shall Be Impacted Due To Protest On Railway Track In Mumbai By Students Demanding Jobs In Railways. R
 Today(20/03/2018) the deliveries and pickup in Mumbai shall be impacted Due to protest on railway track in Mumbai by students demanding Jobs in railways. R
1:Some Clients Are Asking For HSN/SAC Code Of "Courier Services". Please Note That Such Code Is Mandatory On Invoice If Your Annual Sales Turnover Is More Than 1.5 Crores. However If They Still Ask For Such Code, You Can Quote : 996812

 1:Some clients are asking for HSN/SAC code of "Courier Services". Please note that such code is mandatory on Invoice if your annual sales turnover is more than 1.5 Crores. However if they still ask for such code, you can quote : 996812                            

Applicable Fuel Surcharge Is 35% On Existing Rates
 Applicable Fuel Surcharge is 35% on existing Rates