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Our Network

An internationally spread business calls for an international network for smooth and speedy operations. At Airways, we always strive to improve our network by seeking out for newer partnerships in the international arena. Recently, we tied up with Gulf Express, for international business, which has rich experience in international business. This enables us to add more speed and punctuality to the already excelling service.

Also, to be able to reach the top, the internal management of the company has to be par excellence. Our company is blessed with two directors who are apt, resourceful and tactical in their field (One of them is the Managing Director of the company). Under them is the dedicated staff of 2161 who are always in search of higher standards and newer challenges. Our staff is equipped with cellular phones and pagers for better communication with each other.
One of the most important factors in the courier business is its reach. Better the reach, better the service. Realising this, Airways has set up as many as 575 offices all over the country. What's more, all these offices are connected by all-line-computer facilities. Sending courier was never so easy! Please click here for our Ex-Bangalore Destinations.

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